QuickCalculator is a simple and fast calculation program.

How to use

Available functions

Syntax:           Operand0 Operator0 Operand1 Operator1
Example:         5 + 4 * 3

Example:       ((123 - 43) * 23) ^ (3 - 1)
Note: You can also use the other brackets {}[].

Definition:        x = 3 + 4
Using:           3 + x

Definition:        f(x) = 3x + 4
Using:            f(5 + 2)    or  f 3
Note: Spaces are always optional.

Calculation precedence
Execution order from first to last:
- QCalc script commands
- Variable and function assignments
- Brackets
- Standard functions
- User defined functions
- Round
- Power, Radical, Logarithm
- Multiplication, Division, Modulus
- Addition, Subtraction
- Bitshift, Bitrotation
- Comparisons
- Equal / Not equal
- Bitwise And
- Bitwise XOr
- Bitwise Or
- Logic And
- Logic Or

Operands can contain floating numbers between +-5.0E-324 and +-1.7E308.
Technical base is the data type "double".

You can enter boolean values with following meaning:
False = 0
True != 0 (True is converted to 1)

Numeral systems
Output: QCalc can output calculation results as hexadecimal, ocatal, and binary integers.
You can switch the output format using the menu or shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+[X / O / B].
Input: Integer literals in other numeral systems are converted before the calculation is performed.
Care for not mixing up those literals with function or variable names.
Numeral systemBeginningExampleDecimal
Hexadecimal0x or 0X0x1A26
Octal0o or 0O0o108
Binary0b or 0B0b10101042

Addition+1 + 23 
Subtraction-2 - 11 
Multiplication*3 * 26 
Division/6 / 32 
Modulusmod5 mod 32 
Power^2 ^ 101024 
Radicalroot2 root 93Left operand is the base
Logarithmlog2 log 83Left operand is the base
Roundrnd2 rnd 3.141593.14 First operand = number of dezimals
Bitshift<<, >>16 >> 24 
Bit Rotationlrot, rrot0b1010101 rrot 10b10000000000000000000000000101010Bitwise rotation of 32bit Integer
Comparison<, <=, >, >=5 <= 61Result: 1 => True, 0 => False
Equal, Not equal==, !=5 == 421 
Bitwise And&0b101010 & 0b1100110b00100010 
Bitwise Or|0b101010 | 0b1100110b00111011 
Bitwise XOrxor0b101010 xor 0b1100110b00011001 
Logic And&&true && false0 
Logic Or||true || false1 

Standard functions:
Sinesinsin (Pi / 2)1 
Cosinecoscos (Pi / 2)0 
Tangenttantan (Pi / 4)1 
Arcussineasinasin 1Pi / 2 = 1.5707963268 
Arcuscosineacosacos 10 
Arcustangentatanatan 1Pi / 4 = 0.7853981634 
Hyperbolic sinesinhsinh 11.1752011936 
Hyperbolic cosinecoshcosh 11.5430806348 
Hyperbolic tangenttanhtanh 10.761594156 
Absolute valueabsabs -1515 
Factorialfactfact 5120Arguments will be rounded
Sinus Cardinalissincsinc 01 
Sigmasigmasigma 01 
Deltadeltadelta 01 
Natural logarithmlnln (e ^ 2)2 
Dual logarithmldld 83 
Decimal logarithmlglg 10003 
Square rootsqrtsqrt 648 

More about variables:
Variable names are NOT case sensitive.
This means that "test" is treated like "TesT" and "PI" like "pi".

Automatically created variables:
ans = last calculation result
    this variable is updated every time a calculation was successfull
rand = random value between 0 and 1
    this variable is updated every time it is used

Function drawing:
You can have your functions drawn by the program.
Just click on on "View / Draw functions" to open the draw form.
Select the functions to be drawn. You can select more than 1 function if you press
"ctrl" or "shift" while clicking.
Wait for the result.
Pressing "F5" will cause the program to recalculate the function drawing points.
You can alter the zoom and you can move the origin.

Decimal sign:
This program uses the standard number interpretation of the system.
This means the decimal sign depends on the language settings.
This means if your system is set to English the point "." is the decimal sign.
If your language is set to German it is the comma ",".

Angle mode (Degree <-> Radians):
You can switch the anglemode by clicking on the "Angle"-menuitem.

Special signs:
QCalc accepts some special signs which are converted before calculating.
Special sign inputConverted input


You can save the calculations and results from the list to a file using the File->Save to file - menu.
And you can load a QCalc-File using the File->Load file - menu.

Drag & Drop:
Load files or text by simply dropping it on the window.

Custom initialization:
If existing QCalc executes the file "[user]/MyDocuments/QCalc/init.qcalc" for a custom startup if running under Windows.
It will be "/home/[user]" under Linux and "/Users/[user]" on Macs.
If not existing it tries to execute a fallback initialization file in the same folder as the application.

Script commands:
Script commands begin with a '#'.
Parameters are separated by a ','.
Commands are not case sensitive.

Following commands are available:
#clrClear calculation list#clr
#draw [fctname1], [fctname2], [...]Open function draw window and select given function (without e.g. "(x)")#draw f, g, bell
#log [text]Write text into the log#log Text without quotation marks but only one line
#echo [text]Write text to the calculation list#echo Same as above, comments will not be shown
#SetOrigin xOffset, yOffsetSet origin of draw function form in pixels#SetOrigin 200, -400
#SetScale xScale, yScaleSet scale of draw function form#SetScale 20, 10
#RedrawRedraws selected functions#Redraw
#exec [path] Executes given file#exec /init.qcalc
#DecSign [comma / point / default]Sets decimal sign to comma or point or system language's default#DecSign default
#AngleMode [rad / deg]Sets angle mode to degree or radiant #AngleMode rad
#Multiline [single / multi]Sets the multiline-mode#Multiline single
#OutFormat [dec / exp / hex / oct / bin]Sets the output format #OutFormat hex
#exitClose the application#exit

Control structures:
If While
SyntaxExample SyntaxExample
if  [condition]
elseif [condition]
x = 5
if x <= 5
    #echo x < 5
    if x < 5
        #echo x < 5
        #echo x == 5 2
elseif x > 5
    #echo x > 5
    #echo x == 5 1
while [condition]
x = 0
y = 0
while x < 6
    while y < 3
        y = y + 1
    y = 0
x = x + 2

Everything right of '//' (including these characters) will be ignored at calculation.

Drag & Drop:
Load files or text by simply dropping it on the window.

Custom initialization:
If existing QCalc executes the file "[user]/MyDocuments/QCalc/init.qcalc" for a custom startup if running under Windows.
It will be "/home/[user]" under Linux and "/Users/[user]" on Macs.
If not existing it tries to execute a fallback initialization file in the same folder as the application.

Command-line arguments:
Execute a file by giving its relative or absolute path as command-line parameter.
Or execute lines of operations. Note: Commands will be separated at spaces. So make
sure you use "" to keep a line in one piece.

Calculation log:
You can enable and disable the calculation log.
If active it will save the steps of the last calculation in
the file "log.txt" in the same folder as the executable.


Built: 2013-02-03

This programm was developed by Philipp Erler.
Mail me for feedback, version requests etc.:     ph.erler@gmx.net
Look at http://www.hs-esslingen.de/~pherit00/website/index.htm

.Net - Framework 4.0 or Mono-runtime 2.10.5-1 must be installed.

Get .Net - Framework 4.0 from here
Get Mono-Runtime from here
   For Ubuntu: You can also download Mono from the software center.

For Windows:
Just double-click the QuickCalculator.exe.
If it is not starting install your updates.

For Linux:
Start this exe-file by using the "mono QuickCalculator.exe" command.
For Ubuntu etc.:
In the file manager right-click on the executable and select "Open with Mono Runtime"
or "Open with Command" and enter the same as above.
For Ubuntu 11.10 Unity:
View this for creating an own desktop launcher:
Or copy the downloaded files to /etc/QCalc and drag the QCalc.desktop to the launcher-bar.
If you get this Warning: Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",
solve it by installing this: "sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf"

For Mac:
Use the .app to start a program with mono.


This software is published under the GNU GPL V.3.
For further information about the legal stuff view the

Versions - Changelist:
basic functionality
comfort functions:
left click on listitem:
entered calculation     => copy into input textbox
result             => append on textbox text
result error        => do nothing
array out of bounds error fixed
occurred when entered calculations and clicked under the last item of the listbox
menu added:
rad <-> deg conversion
Pi, Phi and e (base of the natural logarithm)
round function (standard round to 10 digits)
menu improved:
all symbols

variables added:
assign a value to a var using this: VarName <= Value
Example:  x <= 1 - 5
get a variable value just by entering its name
Example: 1 + Pi
Result: 4.14159...
Some other variable functions like "print all variables" and "delete all variables"
Calculation system restructured to make it more flexible for whatever comes
You can now delete a single variable by clicking on its menu entry
Added function support
You can now add, delete and use function
Added appendand menu entries
Function draw form added:
You can now have your functions drawn.
You can alter the zoom and origin.
Unfortunately the calculation is quite slow.
Make it better if you can.
Optimized code (calculation is now a bit faster)
Improved code readability
Smaller comfort improvements
Comfortable view modification using ZoomBox or MoveOriginArrow
Fixed some bugs
added arcussine etc.
added random variable "rand"
added wicked looking icon as application logo
added auto completion
improved copy-result-to-input-text comfort
added some more constants
added keyboard for mouse control
fixed some bugs
changed syntax
fixed bugs
added IntelliKeyBoard
fixed even more bugs
improved IntelliKeyBoard
you can now save your graphs to a picture file
you can now save your calculations and their results to a textfile
fixed a bug causing the keyboard to grow infinitely
you can now choose the color used to draw your functions
fixed bug concerning unary minus in brackets
you can now view the calculation log
you can now execute (*.qcalc) files
Everything right of '//' (including the signs) will
not be calculated.
Command-line arguments and drag & drop now work
Fixed a bug causing critical errors after inserting several symbols
Fixed mixe-up of buttons on draw form
Added script commands
Added sigma, delta, fact and sinc
Removed Intellikeyboard
Added basic tweaks for running with Mono
Added %, ‰, ², and ³ replacements
Some minor bugfixes and a bigger one
Added ln, lg, ld, and sqrt as functions
Fixed bug concerning brackets
Changed description of sigma and delta -> heavyside and dirac
Fixed bug concerning brackets
Functions and variables are now really case insensitive (again).
Added Output formats: Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary, Decimal, Exponential.
Added other numerial systems for input: Hex, Oct, Bin as literals
Added  boolean  and bitwise operations
Fixed mixed up operator precedence
Added If and While to Scripts
Standard view does not set accuracy to 5 anymore
#draw now refreshes the list of functions on the draw window
You can now use other brackets []{} to make your skripts more readable
Added clear messages when a (partial) calculation results in a complex number