Mobile Games for Core-Gamers

Legion War – Tactic and Strategy

Legion War is a free round-based strategy game in fantasy setting, very similar to Battle for Wesnoth. Great gameplay without ads. In-game purchases are optional and grinding is only necessary if you want to max- out everything.

Game Jam Games

Defend the Psychic

Defend the Psychic is a VR game for the HTC Vive for up to 3 players. The player with the HMD directs the two players with the controllers. The one with the HMD sits or stands in the middle of the room, the others can move freely. Try to get as many points as possible until the door opens.

Games Graphics Research Studies

Haptic Feedback in Room-Scale VR

‘Haptic Feedback in Room-Scale VR’ is the diploma thesis of Philipp Erler. It contains three programs for the HTC Vive to (1) analyze grabbing and throwing with controllers, (2) examine the influence of haptic and optical feedback on grabbing, (3) clear point clouds in VR.