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Cell Wars



Cell Wars Gameplay
Soundtrack by milgrim+rize.


Cell Wars is a game for multi-touch devices using a TUIO-tracker. But you can also use your mouse.

How to Play

You control a bunch of bacteria. Make them survive 5 minutes until the bacteria storm arrives and gives your victim the final blow. Get the greatest amount of the strongest bacteria as possible. Eat cells to get resources for your evolution and replication.

Those bacteria are under your control. Move them around by dragging them with your finger.

Those macrophages will devour a single bacterium. Send multiple bacteria into the battle to defeat them.

Those cells are resource containers. Let your bacteria eat them to be able to get a stronger army.

Draw a circle around your bacteria to select them.

Control all selected bacteria at once.

What’s better than one bacterium? Two. The copy will be as strong as its origin.

Do you want your bacteria better, stronger, and faster? Then spend their resources on an upgrade.

Touch this button to remove the bacteria from the selection.

This health bar shows you how fit your bacteria are.

This resource bar shows you how much resources your bacteria have collected.

About the game

Cell Wars is a project for the sixth semester of my studies of software engineering at the HS-Esslingen. The aim of this project was to develop a game that can be used to represent the university with it on the university’s multi-touch-table. This game reacts to multitouch-events using the TUIO-protocol. Cell Wars uses the Angel2D-Engine.

A game by Philipp Erler.
Music and sounds by milgrim+rize.
Powered by Angel2D.

Update Version 1.1

2014-07-24: Now supporting Windows touch devices and high DPI scaling.

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