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Defend the Psychic


Source Code (C#, Unity)Defend the Psychic


Your crippled psychic friend is attacked by ghosts only he can see. Luckily, you and another friend have guns which can kill the ghosts. Defend the Psychic is a VR game for the HTC Vive for up to 3 players. The player with the HMD directs the two players with the controllers. The one with the HMD sits or stands in the middle of the room, the others can move freely. Try to get as many points as possible until the door opens. The gunner who kills a ghost gets one point. The gunner who kills a fairy loses 5 points. When a ghost reaches the psychic, both gunners loose a point. When a fairy reaches the psychic, both gunners get a point. Made with Unity during the VRVis Game Jam 2017.


Unizip and start the DefendThePsychic.exe You need the HTC Vive Headset with SteamVR and a PC. Lighteffects work best in “fantastic” setting.


Development: Philipp Erler, Marc Kroll and Kevin Sidak

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